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The Helpful Scot

We are a Scottish production services company, poised and ready to bring your Scottish shoot to life. We want to share our heart-stopping locations with you, together with the friendliest crew. Plus equipment, casting, permits, and all the other logistical support your production deserves.

We love Scotland.

We are small and nimble, managed by professionals with a wealth of experience in filming across Scotland.


Whether it's mountains in Skye, a warehouse in Edinburgh, the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond, and everything in between - we can help.


No detail is too small, no project too big. And no request too difficult. That's why we're called The Helpful Scot.

It's no surprise that companies from across the globe have chosen us to be part of their team while they're working in Scotland.


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+44 (0)7977 492 008 

The Helpful Scot

4 York Road, North Berwick

East Lothian

Scotland EH39 4LS

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