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& Fixers

Production Management & Fixers

The team working on your project are all highly experienced production professionals.  We can put the whole department in place if that's what you're looking for, or perhaps you might just need a fixer to embed in your team. 

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& permits

Locations & Permits

Scouting, recces, permissions, permits, parking, management, movement orders - our location team will look after everything. 

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crew &

Crew & Equipment

Scottish crew have a worldwide reputation for both talent and can-do attitude. From HODs to trainees, we only work with the best in every department.

Our equipment houses are well stocked and eager to help - they will source and supply anything that isn't on the shelf locally. We can offer remote monitoring - an encrypted feed direct from the camera for viewing anywhere in the world. So you can still enjoy the shoot from the comfort of your own home.

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If you're looking for principal cast, supporting artists or models, Scotland offers exceptional onscreen talents. We have great relationships with casting directors and talent agencies across the country.

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logistics &

Logistics & Transport


We. Know. Scotland.


When we have found the right locations for you, we will get you there.


Logistics is what we do, but you should bring your own raincoat.

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We love stills shoots. Or if you need production stills and behind the scenes footage - no problem, just ask us.

Covid 19 - See the latest update for filming in Scotland 

What our clients say...
Penny Cotton, Producer

WeAreMadWomen, London


'Ann was great at giving us all the local scoop on crew and locations  - there is nothing like that insider info. She's my first call when we film in Scotland again.'

Matt Nelson, Executive Producer

Irresistible Films Inc.


'I'm grateful to you for your rapid response times and all round professional service.' 

Yanina Barry, Founder & Exec Producer

The Good Film Company Ltd


'Philippa is wonderful - a super producer. I've known her for many years - she is charming, efficient and terrific.'

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